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The Parents Council of Nashville was begun in the fall of 1985 by approximately fifty parents from thirteen schools. Chaired by Mrs. William L. Campbell (Beth) and Mrs. Henry C. Dye (Margaret) from Franklin Road Academy, the organization was born from their desire to encourage, support, and educate parents of our city's youth. Today membership continues to grow and presently includes 20 schools- elementary and secondary, both public and private.

Since the beginning, the Parents Council of Nashville has served as both catalyst and facilitator, supporting the parents of young people in Nashville. This is done through the publication of A Delicate Balance, a bi-annual newsletter, promotion of parent networking, speaker resources, and through meetings with expert speakers who address different parent concerns. The Council remains actively involved in promoting parent support and developing new ways to support parents.

Boy writingGoals and Objectives

  • To distribute the resource for parents, A Delicate Balance
  • To distribute a semi-annual news publication advising parents of current issues
  • To provide and promote parent networking opportunities
  • To promote relationships with community agencies and organizations

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A Brief Outline of Our History

Formation of Parents Council – 14 Charter Schools

First PCN School Representatives

Officers elected and Board of Directors formed

April – PCN Program – “Just Say No”

August – PCN Handbook – A Delicate Balance completed and presented

March – First PCN Newsletter distributed
PCN Long Range Planning was begun

Recruiting for Facilitator Training to promote parent networking

PCN Long Range Plan presented

August – Revised Edition: A Delicate Balance was presented
November – PCN Parent Networking Manual was presented
April – A Delicate Balance III was presented
August – Revised fourth addition of A Delicate Balance was presented
Hired a strategic Planner to help evaluate our place in the community and voted on a new mission statement.

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Parents Council Board Members - 2010-2011

Lisa Manning
Dawn Flora
Secretary/ Treasurer
Deb Hudson
Past President
Susan Henry
Handbook Distribution & Video Library
Betsy Burrus
Newsletter Coordinator
Carolyn Dalton
Website Coordinator
Lisa Manning
Grant Writing

Parents Council of Nashville Past Presidents

1985-86 Margaret Dye 1998-99 Susan Sinclair
1986-87 Margaret Smithey 2000-01 Mary Jane Duke
1987-88 Shayron Lockyear 2001-02 Mary Jane Duke
1988-89 Jean Hester 2002-03 Christina Gray
1990-91 Margaret Neblett 2003-04 Katie Benson
1991-92 Marcia Mallard 2004-05 Debbie Best
1992-93 Deborah Durrett 2005-06 Arden McElroy
20th Anniversary Celebration
1993-94 Mary Kay Carmichael 2006-07 Carolyn Dalton
1994-95 Patti Brotherton 2007-08 Mary Kay Hunt
1995-96 Linda Schoenblum 2008-09 Deb Hudson
1996-97 Mary Mahler 2009-10 Deb Hudson
1997-98 Susan Patton 2010-11 Lisa Manning

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Membership FAQ’s

What are the advantages of a school's membership in Parents Council of Nashville?

Boy and teacherMember schools are asked to select parent representatives to attend the Parent Council of Nashville membership meetings where they have opportunities to meet and network with parents from other member schools and hear local experts speak about parenting issues. The parents at member schools receive a semi-annual news publication either in print form or via the school's website. The school also has an opportunity to purchase the parent resource book at a discount. Member schools are encouraged to establish Parent Networks and Parents Council of Nashville provide training for the network facilitators.

How often do the representatives of Parents Council of Nashville meet?

The representatives to Parents Council of Nashville meet four times during the school year. These membership meetings are held at member schools.

What happens at the Parents Council of Nashville membership meetings?

A local expert on youth issues presents a program; a networking-friendly environment is provided for moms to discuss concerns and ideas.

Can I attend the Parents Council of Nashville meetings if my school is not a member?

If you are interested in attending a membership meeting, please contact the Parents Council of Nashville membership coordinator, Pam Morris.

How can I purchase a copy of the parent resource book, A Delicate Balance?

You can order your book by clicking here or by checking at your local bookstore.

How can I see the news publication?

To see copies of previous news publications, click here.

Who are the current member schools and representatives? - click here.

What is parent networking?

PCN promotes parent networking in its member schools. Parent networks are groups of parents from member schools who meet for the purpose of getting to know one another better and to discuss parenting issues. At one time PCN offered training for network facilitators and made available lists of topics and speakers. Now that parent networking has become an integral part of most of our member schools, the networks exist independently from us. We do however encourage our member representatives to bring back information from PCN meetings to their respective school networks.

Four Studying

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Member Schools

Abintra Montessori
914 Davidson Dr.
Nashville, TN 37205
Hume Fogg Magnet School
799 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203
Battle Ground Academy
336 Ernest Rice Lane
Franklin, TN 37069
J,T. Moore Middle School
4425 Granny White Pike
Nashville, TN 37205
Brentwood Academy
219 Granny White Pike
Brentwood, TN 37027
Julia Green Elementary
3500 Hobbs Road
Nashville, TN 37215
Christ Presbyterian Academy
2323 Old Hickory Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37215
Meigs Magnet Middle School
713 Ramsey Street
Nashville, TN 37206
Currey Ingram Academy
6545 Murray Lane
Brentwood, TN 37027
Montgomery Bell Academy
4001 West End Ave.
Nashville, TN 37205
David Lipscomb Campus School
3901 Granny White Pike
Nashville, TN 37204
Oak Hill School
4815 Franklin Pike
Nashville, TN 37220
Ensworth School
211 Ensworth Place
Nashville, TN 37205
Overbrook School
4210 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN 37205
Ensworth High School
7401 Highway 100
Nashville, TN 37221
St. Bernard Academy
2020 24th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212
Franklin Road Academy
4700 Franklin Pike
Nashville, TN 37220
St. Cecilia Academy
4210 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN 37205
Harding Academy
170 Windsor Drive
Nashville, TN 37205
St. Paul Academy
5035 Hillsboro Rd.
Nashville, TN 37215
Harpeth Hall
3801 Hobbs
Nashville, TN 37215
University School of Nashville
2000 Edgehill Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212
Hillsboro High School
3812 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215
West End Middle School
1625 D. B. Todd Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37208

Parents with boy and girl    Parents with girl and computer

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Donations Parents Council of Nashville, Inc is a nonprofit volunteer organization. The only resources we have to support ourselves are the sale of our book A Delicate Balance, and our grants. This is the list of donors who have supported us through the years. If you would like a donation to our organization, please contact our treasurer by email.

A History of Corporate and Foundation Donor Listings
for the Support of
Parents Council of Nashville

The Phillips Foundation $1,000
The Martin Foundation unrestricted donation of $1,500
The Phillips Foundation $1,000 for videotaping speakers of PCN
Dr. and Mrs. James Conrad donation for book publication $1,000
The Phillips Foundation grant for book publication $1,000
Paul Stephenson Burd unrestricted donation $1,000
The Phillips Foundation grant for handbooks, $1,000
The Phillips Foundation, Louie M & Louie P. Buntin grant for handbooks, $1,000
Kaminski Fund Grant for book publication, $750
HCA for 97-98 publications, $1,000
Vanderbilt University for newsletter, $1,000
Old Harding Road Pediatric Association grant for newsletter $1,200
Nashville Community Foundation grant for programs $1,000.
Centennial Parthenon Pavilion/Columbia HCA Health System grant for program and newsletter $3,000.
Mental Health Association of Middle Tennessee grant for programs $750.
The HCA Foundation grant for parent networks, training and manual $3,500
AmSouth Bank grant for newsletter $500
Psychiatric Hospital at Vanderbilt grant for newsletter $265.
Psychiatric Hospital At Vanderbilt grant for newsletter and programs $3,000
Danner Foundation grant for general use $1,000
Parthenon Pavilion,/Centennial Medical Center grant for program $1,000.
Psychiatric Hospital At Vanderbilt grant for newsletter and programs $4,000
Neill Sander Buick grant for general use and handbook $1,000
Psychiatric Hospital At Vanderbilt grant for newsletter and programs $3,350
Cumberland Hall Psychiatric Hospital grant for newsletter $600
McDonalds grant for general use $1,000
First American Bank grant for handbook $1,000
Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation of Tennessee grant for handbook and start up of PCN $1,000.

The Parents Council of Nashville wishes to thank the Louie and Bettie Phillips Foundation and the Martin Foundation for their generous grant for the development and maintenance of this website.

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Current Newsletter

Archived Newsletter Topics
Past Articles through Spring 2010

Newsletter Masthead
A Delicate Balance

Our resources for parents include our connections with other agencies and schools, newsletter, and book, A Delicate Balance.

The fourth edition of the PCN resource book, A Delicate Balance, is now available for purchase. The cost is $9.99 plus shipping. If you are interested in ordering a copy, click here.

A Delicate Balance outline:

Often there are no right or wrong answers on how to raise children, and parents must seek that delicate balance which provides children with loving support while helping them develop independence and responsibility.

This 4th Edition of The Parents Council’s Parent Resource Book provides information and resources for parents of youth, grades 4 to 12 with current facts, expert advice, and comprehensive resources regarding child-rearing practices.

This book addresses difficult topics such as:

  • alcohol and drugs
  • eating disorders
  • sexuality
  • date rape
  • suicide

Parents will also find information on:

  • peer and parental pressure
  • driving
  • school issues
  • college planning
  • laws affecting youth
  • community resources
  • helpful books and websites

Excerpts from A Delicate Balance:

Raising children is a wonderful and ever-changing adventure. Accomplishing this while maintaining your sense of humor and perspective is a challenge in itself and requires a delicate balance. We hope that this book will provide you with information and resources to be an effective parent and to help your adolescent develop a strong sense of identity and independence.

Below are a few pages taken from the book that might be of interest to you.

A Delicate Balance p. 14

Guidelines for communicating with your child:

  • Man and boySpend time with your adolescent.
  • Be available when your child is ready to talk. Late at night may be the best time for discussion.
  • Make eye contact. Listen attentively. Acknowledge your child's feelings and statements from time to time--a single word is often best, as in "Oh"..."Mmmm..."I see".
  • Talk about what your child wants to talk about.
  • Talk less and listen more. Don't interrupt with comments or questions.
  • Listen to what is spoken and what is unspoken. Watch for nonverbal cues. Children sometimes have trouble finding the words to express their feelings. Be patient--the words will come.
  • Don't give in to the urge to lecture. Don't give advice unless asked.
  • Learn to apologize for your child.

A Delicate Balance p. 32

How to tell if there is a problem

The symptoms of alcohol, tobacco, and drug dependency are seldom clear cut. During the early stages, there may be little evidence that your child is using drugs. Be alert to causes for reasonable concern.

THE FOLLOWING BEHAVIORS MAY SIGNAL CHRONIC DRUG OR ALCOHOL USE. One or two of these behaviors alone may just be caused by normal adolescent anguish. They may also signal other problems, such as depression or eating disorders. On the other hand, two or more of them which don't go away may be signals that your child needs prompt and loving intervention

Be alert to the following warning signs in your child:

  • Family GroupA drop in grades. This may happen wither slowly or suddenly.
  • Different friends. Are you seeing different friends, more friends to whom you object, or are you no longer meeting your child's friends?
  • Emotional highs and lows. Does your child's emotional state change even more rapidly than usual, or does your child seem less happy and more defensive than before?
  • A short temper, defiance to rules and regulations. Is your child pushing the limits, not doing chores, or showing more anger or hostility when criticized?
  • Secretive behavior. Has your child stopped sharing personal information with you?
  • Loss if Initiative. Does your child have less energy and sleep more?
  • Withdrawal from family activities- Is your child avoiding meals, church, trips?
  • Changes in physical hygiene, weight, or facial coloring.
  • Not informing you about school activities. Is your child hoping that you won't find out about open houses, teacher conferences, suspensions, or warnings?
  • Staying out late. Is your child presenting constant excuses for not coming home on time or not coming home at all?
  • Isolation. Is your child spending more time behind a closed bed room door?
  • Missing alcohol or money. Have you or other members of your family noticed missing items?
  • Selling possessions. Has your child sold clothing, records, or gifts? Or does your child seem to have money without having a job?
  • Legal problems. Has your child been cited for driving while under the influence, or had curfew violations? Has your child been at parties which were broken up by the police?
  • Denial. Does your child say that everything is OK even though something is obviously wrong?

The Driving Contract p. 86

I,___________________, on this day, do agree to the stipulations stated below rendering me the privilege of driving my parents' cars. If at any time, I violate this said agreement, the driving will be forfeited to the extent and degree of violation.

  1. I will drive responsibly and within posted speed limits. Any tickets or damages not covered by insurance are my responsibility alone.
  2. I will obey legal restrictions on number of passengers and curfew. All passengers will wear their seat belts
  3. I will not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and will not allow anyone in my car who does. I understand I will be held responsible for anyone doing this in my car.
  4. I will not use my cell phone while driving nor will I text while driving.
  5. I will take responsibility for the care of the car as agreed upon with my parents. I have read the above agreement and discussed its contents with my parents. I sign this agreement to abide by the stipulations to have the privilege to drive. I respect that driving is a privlege, granted by the state and my parents. Any modifications must be in writing and initiated by both parties

_____________________________________________________________Young Driver.

____________________________________________________________Parents or Guardian

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Book Testimonials

“I was given the book "A Delicate Balance" by Parents Council of Nashville as our oldest child entered fifth grade. It was small so I decided to keep it in the car to scan while waiting for hook up or a lesson. I was impressed with the broad spectrum of topics covered in a concise, factual presentation. In nine years of "waiting" I have now read the book through many times. Thanks to PCN for compiling this information for parenting reference unique to the Nashville area.”

Lisa Z. Manning     


PCN Speakers on DVD/Videotape (pdf).
         Contact Susan Henry for more information.

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Recommended Websites

Oasis Center- www.oasiscenter.org
1704 Charlotte Avenue, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37203

Centerstone Tennessee - www.centerstone.org
P.O. Box 40406
Nashville, TN 37204-0406
(615)463-6600 - Main Phone
For immediate assistance in Tennessee, call toll-free: 800-681-7444

To make a routine appointment or for more information on programs, call:
Nashville area: (615) 460-HELP (4357)
Toll-free for Tennessee: 888-291-HELP (4357)

Family & Children's Services - www.fcsnashville.org
201 23rd Ave N
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 340-9731
Catholic Services - www.cctenn.org
Lynn Herman, Program Coordinator
30 White Bridge Rd.
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 352.3087
Jewish Family Services - www.jfsnashville.org
801 Percy Warner Blvd # 103
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 356-4234
Renfrew Center www.renfrewcenter.com
1624 Westgate Cir Suite 100,
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 221-7075
Compassionate Friends (for families who have lost a child) - www.tcfnashville.org
Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 356-4823

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